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When “Too Much” is Too Much: Shock Humor in Media

When “Too Much” is Too Much: Shock Humor in Media

One of the most common factors shared among shows and movies of different genres is the existence of token or stock characters. We have the “manic pixie dream girl” in movies and more common among television shows, the “magical negro”. These characters represent recurring personalities in media that either serve to poke fun at a … Continue reading

Fandom Updates

  • The word is spreading about harnessing the passion of fans! Organizations are taking notice of fan activism and our ability to rally behind a cause and create real change. From Harry Potter, to the Hunger Games, to Glee, fans are making a difference and generating buzz. Read the Ad Council's article here.

Welcome to Fandom For Equality

This is a community of fans harnessing our passion and power as consumers to impact the media we love and reach equal representation for underrepresented and marginalized groups.

We believe that media, as our collective imagination, is a reflection of society and vice versa. As fans–the most ardent and passionate consumers of media–we want our society to accept and treat equally all people and all love. Thus, we must encourage, and often demand, that our media depict a world in which all people and all love is treated equally.

Because representation matters.

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